The Tu-22M3 Backfire is a strategic bomber in service of the Russian Federation.


Introduced in the early 1970s but perpetually modernised over the decades, the Tu-22M serves the Russian Air Force as a strategic strike bomber. Its variable wing geometry and powerful engines allow the Backfire, as it is still called and feared by the Americans and Europeans alike, to reach the battlefield upon a General's request very quickly, where it then delivers its deadly payload of cruise missiles in order to punch a hole into the enemy line. During the first days of the Russo-European War, several squadrons of Backfires, escorted by Berkuts and Sokols, bypassed the inadequate European air defences on the Scandinavian peninsula and raced across the North Sea, towards the strategic port of Rotterdam. What followed was an attack that would attain infamy as the 'European Pearl Harbor', as the Backfires obliterated much of the port together with the multinational fleet that was still preparing itself for deployment: When the Russian planes made their get-away a mere half hour after the first volley of missiles had struck into the French aircraft carrier Villeneuve, the Europeans had effectively lost three of their Sovereign-class battleships, several destroyers, frigates, corvettes and submarines as well as a half dozen supply vessels, painfully proving that the Backfire would remain a force to be reckoned with as the war exploded across Europe.


The Backfire is a special bomber that can be called in by Russian Generals to bombard an area with heavy missiles. Up to three Backfires may be deployed at a time provided a General has the right ranks to access them. Unlike most bombers they use missiles instead of bombs, and although they are very effective against any ground unit and structure, the rockets themselves are difficult to aim in irregular terrains, making it very easy for inexperienced Generals to give Backfires inexact coordinates, thus making them waste their payload. Their armor, while good, still isn't the best and can be easily shot down by a large group of fighters or a group of heavy AA units. Their missiles could also be shot down, but due to their speed, it is very hard, if not impossible, to get all of them.


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