The BRDM is a light artillery unit unit in service of the Russian Federation. It is the successor of the original BRDM-1.

Russian BRDM 2

Russian Federation




Un-guided missiles


Light armor




Armour Reserves GP Unlock


Available only via Armor Reserves
Initially unmanned


- Compression Missile Engines


Use Smoke Grenades


With his armed forces hard pressed to resist the joint counter-attack of the Europeans and their American allies, President Suvorov has ordered the mobilisation of additional vehicles from Russia's vast reserves of Cold War era equipment. The fast, lightly armoured BRDM-2 has been refurbished and armed with any surplus anti-tank guided missile available. Despite their overall dated technology, the vehicles can take advantage of their agility to surprise enemy tanks, which made them a useful, airdroppable support asset during the massive armoured engagements that took place in northern and central Germany during the ECA's advance on Berlin. It is also worth noting that the BRDM-2 has enough internal space to transport four soldiers in full gear.

Unit DescriptionEdit

Initially, the Shilka is unmanned when dropped via a General's power, along with Rhino and Shilka.

The BRDM can in a way be considered the T-1 artillery unit that the Buratino wasn't. It is fast, highly mobile and lightly armored, seemingly following the GLA doctrine rather than the Russian one. It fires homing rockets in quick succession, but needs to reload after firing six. The rockets themselves don't deal a lot of damage, but many BRDM's firing at once will surely destroy most targets. The BRDM performs suppressive fire, hit-and-run and defense roles rather well, and being a light unit it advances in veterancy very quickly, meaning the rockets will become more powerful. In addition, it is capable of carrying up to four battle-ready infantry units.

The rockets are unable to target air units however, making BRDM's easy prey for all air units. Additionally, the rockets very inaccurate (but effective in the rare instances they hit) against infantry, and their range is also significantly shorter than other artillery units such as Tomahawks, and so they are also vulnerable to rival artillery. Like most Russian vehicles, when a BRDM is destroyed it will leave behind a wreckage that may be recovered by the MTP Recovery Vehicle.

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