Tactical lasers online.
- Avenger
Avenger Overview
American Avenger

United States of America
- Special Operations General Thorn


- Anti-Air
- Support


- Laser Target Designator
- Tactical High Energy Laser (x2)
- Point Defense Laser (requires upgrade)





Armor type

15 mm DU with 95 stainless steel plates

Transport slots






Build time


Produced by

War Factory

Hot key



-Quad Cannon
-Gattling Tank

Avenger Upgrades

- Battle Drone
- Targeteer Drone


- Advanced Training
- Point Defence Lasers

The Avenger is America's basic anti-air vehicle, specific to General Thorn in v2.0.[citation needed]


First fielded in the early 1990s, the M1097 Avenger was conceived as a light-weight, short-range anti-air system based on a modified Humvee. However, the missiles that acted as the vehicle's primary armament for almost three decades started to show their age in the later stages of the Global War on Terror, often proving wholly inadequate when it came to defeating the infamous Scud missiles launched by the GLA.

It was at this time when General Gregory 'Pinpoint' Townes, the head of the Army's R&D branch for laser technologies, came up with a quick and efficient solution in the form of the 'Avenger-L', which replaced the aging missile system with a powerful high-energy laser, supported by a rangefinder and protected by a more powerful version of the same point-defense lasers that were successfully introduced by the M1A4 Paladin tank. The new platform proved to be effective in combat and what was initially meant to be an interim solution until the full-scale deployment of dedicated tactical lasers quickly became a mainstay weapon system of the US military which received further performance upgrades as the years went by.

Unit DescriptionEdit


Unlike its counterpart in other factions the Avenger is only capable of damaging aircraft, a job it completes with much more efficiency compared to its counterparts thanks to its powerful high energy laser armament.

Additionally, it can "paint" targets with a non-lethal targeting laser, which boosts the rate of fire of any units targeting the same target. It has no other attacks against enemy ground units, but it is large enough to crush infantry. Finally when upgraded with Point Defence Lasers, the Avenger can also defend against enemy rockets and missiles with its PDL system. It is capable of neutralizing artillery missiles like that of the GLA Grad. Its PDL makes it an effective and essential escort for US armored columns.

Like all manned US vehicles, each Avenger can be individually upgraded with either a Battle Drone or a Targeteer Drone. The Advanced Training upgrade increases the rate at which it gains veterancy.


Avengers are useful for mixing in with Crusaders and Paladins especially because of their point defence lasers which protect the Crusaders. They are decent air defence.


Since the Avenger, unlike most anti-air units, are unable to attack ground units, they are sitting ducks in most combat situations. They do, however, stand a good chance against missile units, and infantry can, more often than not, be run over. Other than that, the Avenger should ALWAYS be escorted.


  • "Tactical lasers online." - Avenger leaving the War Factory.
  • "They may not like the attention." - Avenger using it's targeting laser.
  • "This will get their attention."



  • The current real-world "Avenger" in military service mounts stinger missiles instead of lasers; however the US military has successfully tested directed energy weapons mounted on the Avenger.

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