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The Aurora is a super-sonic aircraft bomber used by the United States of America. A prototype fielded in the previous war, it was retired following its poor performance, but General Griffon picked up the project again and is planning on re-introducing it after some improvements have been made.


It bears the official designation of FB-40 Aurora. Although designed as a hypersonic bomber with terrible dogfighting capabilities, the Air Force gave it an F-designation because they wanted aggressive fighter pilots to fly the thing to its limits. An outgrowth of the secret 80's era Aurora program, the FB-40 was rushed into service during the GLA War and suffered terrible losses due to its ill-conceived role and incoherent design. It was deactivated after the war due to post-war budget cuts but improved under the supervision of General Griffon. It was returned to active service by the Third World War, and a plethora of improvements, plus a better-conceived role and the sharing of common parts with the Raptor made the Aurora much more effective than its predecessor.

Trivia Edit

  • As of 1.802, the Aurora is placeable in the map editor and can be used; it performs the same as it did in Zero Hour.
    • Interestingly, if coded back in (via modding), the Aurora Bomber requires a General's Promotion point to be unlocked.
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