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- Anti-infantry scout
- Stealth detector







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- Attack Dog
The Attack Dog is ECA's basic scout and detector unit. It is also capable of attacking enemy infantry.
Attack Dog

- Ceramic Armor


Trained for its strength, intelligence and obedience, the German Shepherd is a relatively new breed that dates back to the late 19th century. Its traits make it a prime candidate for canine operations alongside police and military units, including those of the ECA. It goes without saying that the Attack Dog is only able to combat a very narrow variety of threats, but it mangles any infantry soldier foolish enough to venture near once it's off the leash and ordered to attack. In addition to that, the dog can detect covert infiltrators and sniff out explosives. Its specially designed tactical vest is also equipped with sensory and a 360 degree camera, making it useful for reconnaissance missions thanks to its agility and good sense of orientation. Finally, the vests can also be upgraded with ceramic armor inlays that provide a high level of protection against small arms.[1]

Unit DescriptionEdit

Fast, agile and cute, the Attack Dog is the ECA's prime scout unit. Trained at the Barracks for a measly $100 the Attack Dog is efficient in scouting out enemies beyond visual range, taking out infantry with their gnashing jaws and detecing stealthed units. The Attack Dog is the fastest stealth-detecting infantry unit.

Tactics Edit

Since the Attack Dog only has three effective uses, there are not many tactics to discuss. On their own, the dogs could easily be trumped by enemies, including other infantry. It is advised to keep them together with a group of infantry consisting of Felins and Panzerfausts, to take out any potential threats.

Counters Edit

Attack Dogs are vulnerable to anti-infantry units such as Quad Cannons and Tunguskas, and can be crushed by enemy vehicles.

References Edit

  1. [1]Attack Dog description

Gallery Edit

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