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So... who wants to start the bidding?
- Arms Supplier
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The Arms Supplier is a vehicle used by the Russian Federation to generate funds for their war effort.


AK-74 for when you absolutely need to kill everybody in the room.
- Arms Supplier

Russia's greatest source of income has always been the sell of arms and military supplies to different nations. The Arms Suppliers form the secondary backbone of the Russian quartermasters corps. As a general rule, conscripts are expected to keep their state-issued gear and weaponry in good condition and use them to the point of exhaustion, but those who wish to spend their own precious pay on a brand-new Kalashnikov, a fresh set of boots or wartime luxuries like cigarettes and vodka can do so at the Arms Supplier, granting an additional source of income to Russian battlefield commanders. As the Third World War dragged on, some of the more 'resourceful' officers even turned a blind eye to their quartermasters selling weaponry to auxiliary personnel from eastern Europe or even local paramilitaries with little distinction between friend and foe, marking a creeping decay of morale and order as the fighting continued into its fourth year. Thus, from firearms to vehicle shipments, from "legal" gun enthusiasts to shady contacts, the Arms Supplier is always ready for good business.



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