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When Sulaymaan requests vehicles, he contacts local arms dealers who supply him and his organization with sufficent armor for taking on the vehicles of their foes.


Illegal weapon suppliers are still among the most important contacts of even the smallest GLA cell leader. These structures also include such things as a basic machine shop and foundry.


Ability Description
Switch to tunnel commands icon
Switch Commands (Tunnel)
Switch to the structure's tunnel commands.
Switch to standard commands icon
Switch Commands (Standard)
Switch to the structure's standard commands.


The Arms Dealer is basically the War Factory of the GLA. Able to produce anything from the simple Technical to the advanced Grad rocket system, the Arms Dealer has anything necessary to make the enemy's day really, really bad. The Arms Dealer can of course also repair vehicles without the need of them moving on to or in to a certain area. And as with most GLA structures, it can be used as a tunnel network for transport units quickly.


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