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Anvil, online.
- Anvil Bot rolling out of the Vehicle Assembly Depot
Anvil bot icon
The Anvil Bot is a prototype unmanned vehicle available for the ECA by the activation of the Manticore Protocol. It has an activated ability which prevent other units for being targeted in a radius around itself.


The ECA has set itself a policy of restricting the use of unmanned vehicles to a bare minimum, arguing that the large-scale use of such weapons in combat detaches operators and politicians from the brutality and human cost of real warfare. As such, unmanned vehicles only serve in functions where human soldiers would simply be impractical to begin with. The prime example is the Anvil Bot, an autonomous armoured support vehicle of British design that is purely intended to shield nearby friendlies from enemy attacks. Similar to the ECA's legendary Manticore tank, the Anvil surrounds itself with a swarm of nano-scale particles manipulated by an artificial intelligence inside the parent vehicle. Unlike the Manticore, which uses these 'nano bots' to refill holes and cracks in its armour, the Anvil uses them to generate a finely calibrated field of electromagnetic interferences which confuse enemy rangefinders and targeting systems, effectively making it impossible to aim precisely at the units within the Anvil's area of effect. This comes with a major tradeoff in that the Anvil itself produces a very distinct electromagnetic signature which makes it a very easy target, an issue that has been partly remedied via the installation of nano shock panels to increase its protection. It should also be noted that the Anvil has to move at a much slower pace while maintaining its protective shield. Ever since its introduction in early 2049, the Anvil has served its own part in protecting Europe's ever dwindling arsenal of combat vehicles from attrition. Unlike the Manticore tank, Anvil Bots can be deployed in numbers upon choosing the eponymous protocol.


Ability Description
Anvil bot activate nano disruption field icon
Activate Nano Disruption Field
Releases nano bots to create a disruption field in a radius of 85 that prevents friendly units (except itself and other Anvil Bots) from being targeted by enemy attacks and abilities, but reduces the Anvil Bot's speed by 30% while active.
Anvil bot deactivate nano disruption field icon
Deactivate Nano Disruption Field
Recalls the nano bots back to the Anvil Bot.



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