Anarchists are an upcoming demolition infantry for GLA.

Partisan Overview
GLA Anarchist

Global Liberation Army




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The combination of anti-globalist/capitalist political ideology and radical salafism has proven to be extremely effective in attracting disaffected recruits for the GLA from nations around the world. From the former come many of the organisation's demolition specialists, such as the 'Wall Street Bombers' whose series of attacks on banking houses and business individuals around the Manhattan Financial District in 2042 revealed that the reach of the Global Liberation Army once again extended to American shores. In combat, GLA-affiliated Anarchists tend to be armed with a variety of hand grenades and home-made explosive devices which they can set up for area-denial purposes. Unlike their religiously motivated Terrorist cousins, Anarchists are utterly devoted to their goal in ensuring that the world shall suffer "no gods, no masters" - A stark ideological contrast which, according to recent intelligence analyses, has led to disputes among the GLA's top level leadership.

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