Logo-usa A breakdown of upgrades available to the base American faction as of RotR v1.86:

Tier 0Edit

Icon Cost Purchased At Game-play Impact
Capture Building
1000 Barracks - Enables Rangers and Green Berets to capture buildings.
New Flashbang
Flash-Bang Grenades
500 Barracks - Rangers and Green Berets can use flash-bang grenades to subdue and capture enemy infantry for Intelligence power.
Control Rods
300 Fusion Reactor - Doubles upgraded reactor's power output.

Tier 1Edit

Icon Cost Purchased At Game-play Impact
Advanced Training
1800 Detention Camp - Doubles rate units gain experience.
Chemical Suits
1000 Detention Camp - Infantry gain resistance against toxin, flame, and radiation damage.
Supply Lines
1000 Detention Camp - 10% more supplies from all the USA's sources.
Rocket Pods
1000 Detention Camp - Viper and Little Bird gain an air-to-ground rocket attack.
Drone Armor
1000 Detention Camp - 20% more health to Guardian Drones, 25% to Predator Recon Drones and AT Drones, 30% to WASP Drones, 40% to Sentry Drones, Mule Drones, and Termite Drones, ~41.7% to Repair Drones, 50% to Recon Drones, and ~73.3% to HK Drones.

Tier 2Edit

Icon Cost Purchased At Game-play Impact
Advanced Drone Warfare
1500 Strategy Center - All drones will auto repair.
- 33% increased damage for Fire Bases.
- Stealth ability for Hunter Killer Drone.
- Sensor Pulse ability for Predator Recon Drone.
- WASP Hive drones gain missile launchers.
- WASP Hive gets 15% range increase.
- Repair Drone can repair vehicles.
Composite Armor
2000 Strategy Center - 25% more health for Paladin Tanks and Crusader Tanks; ~22.2% for Microwave Tanks, and ~26.3% for Acolyte Tanks.
2000 Strategy Center - 30% chance for aircraft to evade anti-air missiles.
- All aircraft gain improved armor (varies between aircraft).
Laser Guided Missiles
1000 Strategy Center - 25% increased damage for Raptor missiles.
- 25% increased damage for Viper missiles.
- ~57.9% increased damage for Hunter Killer Drone missiles.
Support Aircraft Armor
2000 Strategy Center - 25% extra health for Starlifters.
- 25% extra health for all General's Power aircraft.
PDL Icon
Point Defence Lasers
2000 Strategy Center - Certain units can intercept missiles with lasers.
- Affects: Avenger, Repair Drone
CIA Priority Report
3000 Strategy Center - Grants a single use of the CIA Intelligence power.

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