Alpine Assault is a 2-player map for Rise of the Reds, originally created for the vanilla Generals and Zero Hour.


As the title implies, the map is set near a village in the beautiful alpine landscape. The players start on grassland fields on the top and bottom of the map, where there is plenty of space to build. In the middle lies a village which can be fortified by infantry to deny the enemy passage. On the sides there are roads that lead to higher elevations, including nearby oil derricks. Again on the sides but further ahead there are other oil derricks as well as more supplies. Although closer to the enemy, these positions are easy to defend against initial raids thanks to the presence of bunkers. To complete the atmosphere, a train travels across the mountains, but it will not run through the battlefield, making it harmless to soldiers.

The map comes in two versions, one for Generals and a slightly revised version for Zero Hour. Other than some slightly altered locations for starting positions and supplies, they are more or less the same. However, in the Generals version, the train runs through the battlefield and can destroy anything that it cames in contact with.

Tech buildings


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