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Home of the GLA air force, the Airstrip can hold up to two aircraft and build helicopters.


For the first time in the organization's history, the GLA felt confident enough in their new Central African territories to build and maintain crude airfields. These rudimentary facilities have all the necessary equipment to maintain two planes as well as an infinite number of helicopters. Given the proper connections, cell leaders can also use them to requisition other services. However, air assets are still a very rare commodity and thus strictly limited in numbers. Thus, every cell that wants to engage in aerial operations requires advanced clearance and may only maintain one Airstrip at a time.


Ability Description
Airstrip overwatch icon
Order 5 Suicide Bombers to watch over the target area for enemy activity; when an enemy enters the area, one of the bombers will fly straight to the enemy in a kamikaze attack. 4 minutes cooldown.
Requires Aerial Acquisition.


A single-lane landing strip, the Airstrip is the airfield of the GLA. Requiring a General's Promotion point to build, the Airstrip can hold up to two Interceptors and build Gazelles. The Airstrip has a drawback though; only one landing strip. This means that the two fighters stored in the tents cannot take off at the same time, and one have to wait until the other has taken off. It can however produce an unlimited amount of Gazelles, and is built relatively fast.


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