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The CL250 Airlifter is the ECA airship tasked at delivering different battlegroups to the Deployment Zone.


The CL250 Airlifter is a heavy-duty transport airship capable of carrying approx. 250 tons of cargo. It is the spiritual successor to an ambitious project from the late 1990s when a German company came forth with its plan for an entire fleet of efficient point-to-point transport airships. Unfortunately, the project failed to take off, the company went bankrupt and the enormous assembly hangar built on a decommissioned airfield in Brandenburg was converted into an indoor water park. A few decades later, a new generation of these airships is roaming the skies above Europe in service of several logistics companies.

Some of the airships have also been refitted into large luxury skyliners and the sultan of Oman has reportedly tried to purchase one to turn it into a literal flying palace. Due to the airship's amazing freight capabilities, it comes as no surprise that it proved to be a valuable logistics asset for the Continental Army as well, which uses the Airlifter to rapidly deploy standardized, role-specific battlegroups to the battlefield. This allows the ECA to build up a task force more quickly than via on-site assembly, albeit at a higher price.