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The USA Airfield is a large complex necessary to maintain and manufacture aircraft.


Strong, stout and mighty, the American Bald Eagle has long been the symbolical personification of the United States Air Force, right next to the Army's Uncle Sam. His spread out wings and powerful beak has hunted and preyed on those foolish enough to stand against the United States liberty. Ever since its creation in 1947, the USAF has evolved and become much stronger than it ever was before, with advanced jet fighters, drones and smart weapons standing at the forefront of American aviation. However, the USAF was hit hard during the Global War on Terror, as the GLA had much more sophisticated anti-air defenses the US expected. Usually firing their quadruple auto-cannons, the GLA was able to bring down many of the American silver birds during the war, and were almost able to make it worse when the Russians were revealed to be supplying advanced AA weaponry to the 'Death Merchant' Anwar Sulaymaan.

The FB-40 Aurora strike fighter was pushed into service by the Air Combat Command to fight the GLA anti-air whilst simultaneously avoiding it, however, it was revealed that during the high-speed attack runs the planes burned up so much fuel they didn't have enough to fly home at the same speed, and were thus easy pickings for the Quads. After the war, several aviation generals were blamed for the 'Aurora scandal', and were discharged from active duty. US High Command was forced to mothball and sell a lot of projects, including many of the advanced F-22K 'King Raptors' used by General Malcolm Granger, but the bickering and arguing of the smart Eugene Griffon saw much of the technology in the Air Force remain in service, and has been ever since. Today, during World War III, the Eagle once again prey on the Russian Ground Forces, as well as their VVS branch, which even saw the famous Su-25 Frogfoot discharged from service because of countless losses against American aircraft.


The airfield serves as a home of America's sophisticated aircrafts from basic Widowmaker all away to advanced Nighthawk with the capacity of 4, with dual runways also allowing 2 aircrafts to be launched simultaneously. The helipad also serves as a manufacturer for helicopters and only needing to return to the airfield for repairs.

Unlike its other airfield counterparts, it only needs Supply Center in order to be unlock for available construction, allowing commander to deploy early aircrafts for support.

Should the airfield be destroyed, all its aircrafts occupying with it will be destroyed (with the exception of Pilots provided if has veterancy).

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