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Russia airfield icon
The Russian Federation uses the Airfield to deploy up to 3 fixed-wing aircraft at a time.


In this new age of combined arms, never have separate branches of a country's military worked closer together, and nowhere is this more evident in Russian forces than at their Airfields. Operated by highly-trained Ground Forces personnel, in an impressive display of close coordination and integration, pilots from the Military Air Forces may launch, land, refuel, rearm and get repairs here, and receive new aircraft freshly-readied by the Airfield's team of final-assembly technicians speedily and efficiently. The thrust-vectoring technology of Russian jets allows runways to be kept at a manageable length. Up to 3 pilots can serve from an airfield for the motherland, and, thanks to the choice of reducing from 4 to 3 the hangars and adding one runway, the 3 aircraft can take off and land simultaneously.



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