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Eugene "Guile" Griffon is the USA Air Force General.


Griffon began his career in the Air Force as a drone operator in the early 21st century. As such, he never felt the tension and anxiousness of putting one's own life on the line but his outstanding abilities didn't go unnoticed as the importance of unmanned weapon systems in modern warfare grew exponentially along with the American people's unwillingness to get too deeply involved in foreign backwater conflicts in the following years. It was a time of opportunity for him, who was generally seen as reliable and methodical at his job, but cold and - as many of his detractors would say - technocratic on a personal level. Indeed, Griffon always had absolute faith in the supremacy of the USAF, even over the other branches, and cared very little for those that were on the receiving end of his airstrikes, as he thought of them as nothing more than vaguely humanoid blips on an IR screen.

To no one's surprise, many senior Marine Corps and Army officers were outraged when this man, who they'd perceived as a heart- and gutless armchair warrior, rose up to the Air Force's Major Command at the US East coast: Despite his indisputable expertise, they believed that Griffon's promotion was largely the result of the "Aurora scandal", which ruined the careers of several aspiring Air Force officers who had essentially blown the lid off a black R&D project that had been rumored to exist since the early 1980s. As a result, the hyper-sonic FB-40 Aurora aircraft was pushed into service against the GLA, only to suffer humiliating losses due to its overly intricate design. Heads rolled and Griffon was expected to be less of a bone-headed maverick than his predecessors; a task that he fulfilled to the best of his abilities by salvaging the remains of the now defunct Aurora programme into something worthwhile and protecting the Air Force from the sharp budget cuts of the post-war recession.





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