Available for unlock by GLA 3-star generals, Aerial Assets allows the general to employ the recently established GLA airforce, something that they lacked in earlier conflicts.

Due to the complications in acquiring and managing the GLA aerial assets, the GLA general have limited options available for their air force, which can be upgraded by further investing on the General's Promotion, enabling better equipment for use by the GLA air force.

Level Description
Aerial assets icon
Level 1
(Aerial Assets)
Unlocks Airstrip, Interceptor and Gazelle
Aerial ordnance icon
Level 2
(Aerial Ordnance)
Unlocks Interceptor Missile and Bomb Loadout
Unlocks Gazelle Anti-Tank and Air Missiles, and Toxin Sprinkler
The Airstrip receives supplies worth $1500 airdropped by an enemy faction's cargo plane every 2 minutes
Aerial acquisition icon
Level 3
(Aerial Acquisition)
Unlocks Overwatch

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