Advanced Infantry Munitions is a tier 1 upgrade available to Russian Federation


The true power of the Russian Federation lies in its tanks, but its infantry still have their strengths. Although they are equipped with ordinary weapons during early stages of battle, Russian Generals can equip them with more powerful weapons during later stages. These weapons are stored in Weapons bunkers, ready to be issued on command.

Once the upgrade is researched, the following improvements are rolled out:

  • Conscripts gain larger magazines, enabling them to fire in longer bursts.
  • RPG Conscripts gain a modified RPG launcher, able to fire a dummy warhead before real one in order to distract missile defense systems (such as Point Defense Lasers).
  • Igla Troopers gain lock-on missiles, able to ignore all types of countermeasures. However, they require additional time to lock onto their target.
  • Shmel Troopers will gain an anti-toxin rocket, enabling them to clean up biological hazards. Their standard rockets are also replaced by more power rockets, giving them a 50% damage bonus.
  • Boris Bikov is equipped with more powerful machine gun ammunition, giving him a 25% damage bonus.

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