Scissors The following content was scrapped during development and are no longer available.
As such, any information given are to be taken as reference.

The Advanced Drone Warfare provides USA drones with new, improved software and hardware that significantly enhances their performance by giving the following benefits:

  • All USA drones will repair themselves over time, increasing their survivability.
  • Fire Bases deal 33% more damage with their howitzer attack thanks to the presence of a spotter drone which marks priority targets.
  • Repair Drones receive upgraded repair equipment which allows them to repair friendly vehicles as well as drones.
  • Hunter Killer Drones can use Low Profile Approach to temporarily hide them from enemy sight, useful for sudden strikes and penetrating enemy air defenses.
  • WASP Hives have 15% increased range, allowing them to command their WASP drones from further away. The drones also gain missile launchers which makes them more effective against vehicles and structures.
  • Predator Drones can use Sensor Pulse to immediately detect hidden enemies in a large radius around it for a short time.

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