Advanced drone warfare icon
The Advanced Drone Warfare provides USA drones with new, improved software and hardware that significantly enhances their performance by giving the following benefits:
  • All USA drones will repair themselves over time, increasing their survivability.
  • Fire Bases deal 33% more damage with their howitzer attack thanks to the presence of a spotter drone which marks priority targets.
  • Repair Drones receive upgraded repair equipment which allows them to repair friendly vehicles as well as drones.
  • Hunter Killer Drones can use Low Profile Approach to temporarily hide them from enemy sight, useful for sudden strikes and penetrating enemy air defenses.
  • WASP Hives have 15% increased range, allowing them to command their WASP drones from further away. The drones also gain missile launchers which makes them more effective against vehicles and structures.
  • Predator Drones can use Sensor Pulse to immediately detect hidden enemies in a large radius around it for a short time.

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