An Acolyte team having just arrived in Europe.

Armored cav reporting in!
- Acolyte
Acolyte Overview
American Acolyte

United States of America


Support Battle Tank




90mm Cannon
Coaxial machine gun



Armor type

lightweight aluminum/titanium build



Produced by

Acolyte Tank Drop

Elite ability

Repair itself


- Can only be airlifted via Generals powers

Acolyte Upgrades

Advanced Training
Composite Armor

The Acolyte Tank is a light tank in use by the United States. Due to its light construction it can be safely air-dropped from transport aircraft, making it an excellent asset for rapid deployment tactics.


"This right here is another new entry in our arsenal: The M8 Acolyte is an airdroppable light tank which weighs in at a mere 22 tons thanks to its lightweight aluminum/titanium build which can be reinforced in the field with bolt-on composite armour packs. Multiple of these can be dropped out of a single C17 Globemaster to provide armoured fire support to forward elements on short notice. While the most recent A2 version of the M5 Crusader II has been up-gunned with a 105mm smoothbore cannon now that we are once again preparing to fight hostile state actors, the Acolyte retains the lighter 90mm weapon to reduce its drop weight and compensates with a greater supply of shells."[1]

Unit DescriptionEdit

The Acolyte is a light-weight airdroppable light tank which is brought in with the Acolyte Tank Drop generals power. While weaker than the Crusader in both armor and damage, it is faster than it (if it has not been upgraded with hover drives) and is able to reload its 90mm shells faster than the 105mm shells of the Crusader. The Acolyte, along with the Crusader and Paladin comes along with a coaxial machine gun to prevent unnecessary splash damage among infantry, as well as finishing off already weak hostiles.


Since this unit is only accessible from a GP, it is mainly serves as reinforcements on the front lines to boost allied attacking forces. Consequently it can be used to draw fire away from the  expensive Crusader and Paladin tanks. In addition to this acolyte tanks can be used to attack enemy units and bases from behind to serve as a distraction to the enemy commander.

Despite having a co-axial machine gun, the Acolyte Tank does not fare well against infantry threats. Combining this with the Airborne Para-drop GP will massively increase its anti-infantry and (arguably) its anti-structure firepower, eliminating the Airborne Para-drop's weakness against vehicular threats.


The Acolyte has relatively weak health in comparison to the Crusader, so like most tanks, it is very suspectible to anti-tank firepower. However, it can be upgraded with the Composite Armor upgrade to boost its armor. It cannot compete with heavier tanks like the Leopard and Kodiak but it can still go toe-to-toe with the light Scorpion Tank. Like most tanks, it does not compare to superheavy tanks like the Sentinel.

Also like most ground vehicles, they are very vulnerable to both aircraft and infantry due to their lack of counters towards such units giving any commander a decisive edge on the battlefield. Furthermore as with most other units, its range is short and can be bombarded with artillery with relative ease.



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