Terror drone
AT Drone
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United States of America


Anti-Tank Drone




Plasma Torch


Drone Armor





Build time


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Drone Assembly Plant


Detention Camp

Hot key


Attack range



- Requires Active Power


- Burrow
- Unburrow


- Becomes stealthed when burrowed
- Produced in pairs

AT Drone Upgrades

Drone Armor
Advanced Drone Warfare

The AT Drone (Anti-Tank/Anti-Terror Drone) is a quadrupedal platform used by the United States of America to engage enemy armor at close range.


"Have you ever watched one of those Chinese or Russian military parades where they roll out their giant, overcompensating Overlord or Sentinel tanks and wondered: What the hell kinda idiot builds something as insane as this? Those slow, sluggish steel monstrosities that plough through roads, demolish bridges and tear giant holes into the pockets of the average commie taxpayer. By comparison, the US military always had a policy that can be summed up in one clear, simple statement: High speed, low drag!

Our response to these massive, super-heavy tanks comes in the form of the new AT Drone. Some call it the Redeye, others refer to it as the Alpha-Tango. I like to call it - The Anti-Terror Drone! The ATD is a revolutionary new anti-tank weapon that walks on four mechanical legs that let it run at a stable 70 miles per hour. That's faster than a Californian cougar and I'm not talking about the fortysomething kinda cougar that lives in fancy suburbs. These monsters will run up to a tank and proceed to cut it apart with a plasma torch that burns through steel at over 50.000 degrees. Now -that- is some serious nightmare fuel!"

Unit Description Edit

Assessment Edit

USA's premiere anti-tank unit, it's sole purpose is to eliminate any ground vehicle (and even fortified structure) it can see. With the ability to climb up and down cliffs or any mountainous terrain and even burrow themselves, any expert commander can easily set up fast anti armor ambushes, grouped together with termite drones for maximum effectiveness. Any opposing commander should be worried if they ever encounter one or a pair of these terrors as what may lay ahead of them are swarms of drones ready to strike fear into them. Be aware that these drones can burrow and unburrow on command without any delay.

Tactics Edit

Commonly used in tank ambushes, together with termite drones they can wreck havoc to any armored column foolish enough not bring any stealth detecting equipment. While their attack can only be used against ground targets, it doesn't mean that their purpose isn't flexible. They are useful in raiding unguarded expansions and area's of enemy bases, with their damage is a pain to ground vehicles, the drones damage is questionable to structures, however with sheer numbers, it will take just some seconds to eliminate even the most fortified structure in game. It is unadvised to use the AT Drone against infantry targets. Should you even get in an out numbered fight against tanks these drones can make more than enough difference as they will only shrug off any tank shells thrown against them.

Counters Edit

Being a dedicated anti ground unit means their greatest weakness are aerial units. Jets only armed with missiles might have some hard time in eliminating them but any aircraft equipped with machine guns will do just fine. The drone's only defense is to hide underground, but any stealth detecting unit should spot them, then it is already game over for the AT Drone. Should these drones remain static and unburrowed, any high splash damage artillery will eliminate them with some shots.

Trivia Edit

  • AT Drones are reference to the Terror Drones of Red Alert 2
  • Anyone who uses this unit that faces a GLA opponent should be very aware if Jarmen Kell has reach the battlefield, as he can eliminate the AT Drones with one (two, with drone armor upgrade) shot(s).

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