A400m 2

A400m about to deliver paratroopers during Operation Nemesis.

Reinforcements on the way!



Cargo plane


Can not be built by the player

The A400m Transport is the main cargo plane of the European Continental Alliance.


A rare sight in the European War it is unknown how many of these aircraft still remain or where they are deployed from. They are the primary targets of hotshot Russian Berkut aces that hound for these aircraft restlessly hoping not to only score a kill from one of the supposedly few remaining A400ms but also hoping to doing extended damage to European forces by destroying whatever it is transporting along with it.


  • The A400m was the first ECA unit available in the game as early as version 1.7.5, where it was possible to summon one using GLA's diverted supply route ability. However it was buggy and didn't actually drop off any cargo.

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